Mitt Wants GOP Govs to Cool It on the Good News

Reports have emerged (denied by both sides) that Mittens asked Florida Governor Rick Scott to stop talking about how the economy is improving there because it kind of, you know, steps on Mitt’s diametrically opposed message that the economy is terrible and will never get better under President Obama.

If such a message was sent, Scott isn’t listening.  Speaking at the NALEO conference today, Scott went on and on about how great Florida’s doing in terms of jobs and tourism coming back and housing prices stabilizing.  His rosy picture was very much at odds with Mitt’s gloom and doom.

Mitt needs to win Florida, but Scott isn’t going quietly under Mitt’s “Believe in America” bus.

Mitt has this same problem with a number of GOP governors in states he must win or thinks he has a chance, states like Ohio (Kacich), Wisconsin (Walker), Virginia (McDonnell), Michigan (Snyder).  Even in Obama-safe states, it doesn’t help Mitt to have a GOP governor with a national spotlight talking positively about the economy.  That would be you, Chris Christie.  When it comes to the economy, Mitt and his party’s govs are not singing from the same hymnal.

It’s amazing to have this large group of GOP governors providing a Greek Chorus to Obama’s claims that the economy is, indeed, improving.