Jon Stewart Now Chris Christie’s Top Adviser

On his show last night, Jon Stewart pointed out that Chris Christie hadn’t apologized for the Fort Lee lane closures that caused havoc there for four days.

Today, Christie took Stewart’s advice:  “I’m heartbroken about it, and I’m incredibly disappointed.  I came out here today to apologize to the people of New Jersey.  I apologize to the people of Fort Lee, and I apologize to the state legislature.”

He also told his senior aide, Bridget Anne Kelly, the who emailed that it was time for traffic problems for Fort Lee, that it was time for unemployment problems for her.

He told his 2013 campaign manager, Bill Stepien, who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar on the email chain, that he won’t become chairman of the New Jersey GOP or work for the Republican Governors Association, as planned.

Just Take Your Millions and Shut Up

Al Gore lamely tried to justify selling Current to Al Jazeera on Jon Stewart last night, claiming that they provide “the highest quality, most extensive, best climate coverage of any network.”

Yes, we all think of Al Jazeera as our go-to source for climate change.  And to think how distraught and inconsolable I was when Bush v. Gore was announced.