State and Defense Need to Talk Amongst Themselves — UPDATE

As we wonder whether the U. S. will join with Iran on Iraq, we face the threshold question of whether the Pentagon will join with the State Department.

Secretary of State John Kerry says that “We’re open to discussions” on military cooperation with Iran.

But at the Defense Department, not so much.  A spokesman there says, “There are no plans to consult with Iran on military actions inside Iraq.  We are not planning to engage in military-to-military discussions with Iran.”

UPDATE — The White House is with the Pentagon on this one, saying there will be no military coordination with Iran.  So that seems to be an, um, “red line” for the Administration.

Truest Headline of the Day

“Even Worse Odds Than in 2008 for Mideast Deal” — AP

One of the things I liked best about President Obama’s first term was his basically walking away from trying to broker a Mideast peace deal.  He seemed to have gotten the message that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  I’ve never been a fan of John Kerry’s, and these new talks aren’t make me feel more warm and fuzzy toward him.  I hate to think of my tax dollars spent on hosting yet another exercise in futility.

When the Israelis and the Arabs are ready to make peace, they will.  Until then, we should stay the hell out of it.

At the same time, I strongly believe that we should engage on our own behalf not just with our friends, but with our enemies and frenemies.  It drives me crazy that we haven’t had an ambassador to Iran since 1979.  I believe that when things are bad, you withdraw your ambassador for a time to express your displeasure, but you can’t do that unless you have an ambassador there to begin with.  I’d have an embassy in North Korea as well.

I believe in direct face-to-face talks between world leaders.  I hate this notion that you have to have some breakthrough or major deal to announce or talks can’t be held.  Presidents Obama and Putin should meet regularly to lay out their positions and simply discuss where we have common interests and where we don’t.  Even if they don’t change or resolve anything, they can at least make sure there are no misunderstandings and each side can explain its rationales.  That isn’t weakness, that’s wisdom.  I’m disappointed that Obama cancelled his meeting in Moscow with Putin.  If he’s schlepping all the way to St. Petersburg, he should make the short trip to Moscow and have a sit-down with Vlad.

Susan Rice Will Run Foreign Policy From WH, Not State

Susan Rice, who withdrew from consideration as secretary of state after criticism over her Sunday talk show appearances right after the Benghazi terror attacks on 9/11/12 that left four Americans, including Amb. Chris Stevens, dead, is President Obama’s new national security adviser.  The job doesn’t require Senate confirmation, so Rice’s GOP enemies can’t do anything about it.  She who laughs last, laughs best.

The losers here — besides those GOP enemies — are John Kerry and the Syrian rebels.  Kerry because foreign policy will be concentrated at the White House now, giving him less power, and the rebels because Rice opposes intervention in the Syrian civil war, where the tide is turning in Assad’s favor.

Speaking of “power,” Obama is nominating Samantha Power to replace Rice at the U. N.

John Kerry, Phony

I’ve never liked John Kerry, I’ve always thought he was a big phony.

The man claims to be a Red Sox fan, and yet several years ago, when asked his favorite player, he said Manny Ortiz.  At the time, the Sox had Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, but there was no Manny Ortiz playing for any team.

Now he’s done it again.  He said how pleased he was to hear Red Sox favorite “Sweet Adeline” sung at Yankee Stadium last week after the Boston Marathon Bombings.  Maybe they sing “Sweet Adeline” at the Fenway Park where Manny Ortiz plays, but in the real world, they sing “Sweet Caroline.”

Kind of makes you wonder what dumb, ill-informed things he says to foreign leaders as our Secretary of State.

If Saddam Hussein Were Still in Power…

Secretary of State John Kerry went to Iraq to beg Prime Minister Maliki to stop the flow of weapons and soldiers from Iran to President Assad in Syria via Iraqi air space and land.

Maliki told him to take a hike.

If Saddam Hussein were still in power in Iraq, Iran wouldn’t be allowed to do this.

When we removed Saddam, a Sunni, we removed a powerful bulwark against Shiite Iran.  Maliki, a Shiite, has been close to Iran since the 1970’s when he was in exile there.

We lost all those lives and limbs in Iraq to help Iran extend its sphere of influence, to turn an enemy into an ally for them.

The Iraq War may be over, but the consequences of it stupidity continue.


You Can’t Be Serious

Surprised by Scott Brown’s decision not to run for John Kerry’s Senate seat, some in the Massachusetts GOP are urging Ann Romney or Tagg Romney to run.

Even those nice moderate Northeastern Republicans are delusional.

What next — Rafalca?

See “With Brown out, GOP mulls Romney energy,” Joe Battenfeld & Hillary Chabot, Boston Herald

Empty Barn Jacket Not Running for Senate

Scott “Empty Barn Jacket” Brown, who just lost his Massachusetts Senate seat to Elizabeth Warren, will not run for John Kerry’s seat in the special election on June 25.

So it looks as if he will run for governor in 2014 instead.

Brown won the special election in 2010 following Ted Kennedy’s death and then lost in the 20102 election for a full term.  He would have faced a similar situation — a special election for a short term, followed by having to run again in 2014 for a full term.

Republicans tend to do better running for governor (see Romney, Mitt) than senator in Taxachusetts.

Hello, Sen. Markey.