Scariest Story of the Day

Ted Cruz (R-Texas) may have been in the Senate only four months, but he’s getting ready to blow that popsicle stand and run for Prez in 2016, according to Robert Costa at National Review Online.

A consultant for a conservative group calls him the “purest of the young conservative senators.”  I guess purest is now a synonym for craziest.

The head of the SC Republican Party, Chad Connelly, says “Conservatives think he’s a rock star.”  Rock star, rock thrower, what’s the difference?

This guy really is the reincarnation of Joe McCarthy, people, a reincarnation this country definitely doesn’t need.

Costa writes:  “He’d outflank almost all of the other candidates on the right, and his debating skills, which once won him national awards, would be formidable.  It doesn’t hurt that much of the media already hates him with a passion.”

That’s all true.  What’s also true is that, ideology aside, the guy is incredibly arrogant, obnoxious, and unlikable.  His personality should do him in.  On the other hand, after two Dem terms, it will be time for the pendulum to swing, plus the transition to Obamacare will be as painful and bumpy as the GOP can make it.




Quote of the Day

“To Democrats and those with a sense of history, Sen. Ted Cruz is a latter-day Joe McCarthy; to Senate traditionalists, he’s a jerk; to Tea Partiers and base Republicans, he’s a breath of fresh air.

“But each verdict is consistent with and utterly secondary to a greater fact: Cruz is exactly the guy to keep the GOP tied to its losing 2012 ways basically forever. In political terms, he’s a Democrat’s dream Republican.”

Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo