It’s Jimmy Carter’s Fault!

“Bob [Bergdahl], 54, had been a cycling champion and would have competed at the 1980 Moscow Olympics had America not boycotted them in protest at the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

“The experience prompted disillusionment with the US government….”

Toby Harnden, “Obama’s Bergdahl Fiasco,” The Sunday Times

God, She’s Become Annoying

Here’s Peggy Noonan* at the opening of the Bush library:

“President Obama was more formal than the other speakers and less confident than usual, as if he knew he was surrounded by people who have something he doesn’t.”

Carter, Clinton, Bush 41, and Bush 43 are all so different from one another.  You know, Peggy, the only thing I think they all have that Obama doesn’t is white skin.

Whenever she writes about the President, she really turns into a nasty piece of work.

*  “The Presidential Wheel Turns,” WSJ

The Analogies to the Carter Era Just Won’t Stop

Even “Dallas,” which debuted in April 1978, is back.  Tonight on TNT.

I, for one, am very excited and can’t wait.  J. R. is a long-lost friend I thought I’d never see again.

But if I worked at the White House, it would creep me out.  And if I were Mitt, I’d take it as a good omen.

Fox News’ Phony “Egyptian Hostage Crisis”

Fox News is falsely calling Egyptian charges against 19 American NGO employees “the Egyptian hostage crisis.”  Fewer than half the Americans being charged are still in Egypt, and those still in the country are safe in the American embassy.  The Egyptian government is not holding any of these Americans.

Fox obviously wants to make President Obama look like Jimmy Carter, by making its viewers believe that this incident with Egypt is like the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979, when Iranian revolutionaries overran our embassy and imprisoned our diplomats.

The Egyptian situation is certainly a strain on our relations with the emerging post-Mubarek government, but it is not a hostage crisis.