I’m a Jan Brewer Fan (This Week Anyway)

I’ve never been a fan of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, but I give her credit for vigorously pushing to get Medicaid expansion under Obamacare in her state, which means health care for another 350,000 Arizonans.

It took till the middle of the night, but she got it through her House, and the Senate votes today.

If Arizona expands Medicaid, it will be the 21st state to do so.

Was Jan Brewer Drunk When She Confronted the President?

From “Did Tipsy Arizona Governor Wag Finger in President’s Face?” by David Keller, Examiner.com:

“The Governor was photographed poking her finger in the President’s face, while she appeared to be yelling at him.  …  [F]or those familiar with Brewer’s reputed struggles with, shall we say a wee bit of ‘overindulgence’ it comes as no surprise.

“One can understand how the mainstream media considers waving a finger in the face of the President unseemly, especially for a public official, like say a Governor.  The problem is most of the mainstream media is unaware Governor Brewer’s nickname around the state capital is Otis, a reference to the town drunk from Mayberry.”  Emphasis added.

If this is true, someone really messed up in allowing a drunk governor to confront President Obama.  The Secret Service should have been alerted and kept her away from him.

I remember that video of her totally spacing out for a long, awkward time and then bizarrely laughing during a gubernatorial debate.  I wonder if she was drunk then.