Hey, Jindal, Brown Called and They Want Their Diploma Back

GOP Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, one of the 2016 hopefuls, has a degree in biology from Brown University and was a Rhodes Scholar.

Yet, even with his Ivy League education and Oxford experience, he signed the Orwellian “Louisiana Science Education Act,” which in fact has nothing whatever to do with science, but brought creationism to the state’s biology classes.

He also lets state vouchers be used for tuition at bible-based private schools, where kids are taught that The Flintstones is history, not a cartoon.

Um, Bobby, you’re looking kind of cartoonish yourself.

The Truth Inadvertently Revealed

Every five years (coinciding with class reunions), Harvard sends alumni and alumnae The Red Book, updating the lives of their classmates in their own words.

From “Between the Lines of Harvard’s Red Book,” James Atlas, NYT:

“But the main thing is to compare, the thing we do reflexively to define our own achievements.  Who’s happy, who’s depressed?  Whose children turned out great, whose are still ‘finding themselves’?  Who’s rich, who’s not.

“The hardest thing of all is to know what you actually feel.  A sometimes ghastly mix of covert self-congratulation, awkward confession and wry philosophizing undercut by heavy-handed irony, Red Book prose can be an exercise in confessional self-concealment.  What often emerges, after several throat-clearing paragraphs, is that life has not invariably been so good, whether the author knows it or not; and it’s that feature — the truth inadvertently revealed — that makes these thick volumes so horribly fascinating.”