Newt Gingrich — A Threat to the Republic

While Newt flits from one idea to another, one grand theory to another, one thing remains consistent — he doesn’t believe that the rules apply to him.  He has shown that time and again in both his personal and professional lives.  He rejects established values and ethics when they stand in the way of whatever Newtie wants at the moment.

His peers in the House (no saints themselves) saw that and rejected him as beyond the pale even by their low standards.

It would be a disaster to have such a man as president.  We’re just setting ourselves up for another Watergate or Iran-Contra.  Power has been steadily accruing to the president and the executive branch anyway, and Newt would just grab more.

Newt is a major abuse-of-power scandal waiting to happen.  If we elect him, we knowingly and willfully asked for it.

Benjamin Franklin walked out of the Constitutional Convention and announced that we had a republic, if we could keep it.  I don’t think Franklin would feel all warm and fuzzy about Newt.