Obama Won’t Deport Young Illegals

President Obama won’t deport illegal immigrants who came here before they were 16 and are now younger than 30.  In addition, they cannot have a criminal record and must have graduated from high school in this country or served in our military.

They won’t be granted citizenship, but will have the right to work.  The new policy is technically “deferred action,” not amnesty.

These criteria will apply to about 800,000 young people.  There are believed to be about 12 million illegal immigrants in the U. S.

The Administration’s rationale is that since these young people came here as children, they had no intent to break the law.

Some are questioning whether Obama can do this without Congress, so his action on illegals may itself be illegal.

Obama already has a huge lead over Mitt among Hispanic voters, but this move should help him even more in states like Virginia, Florida, Colorado, and Nevada.

I suspect that those who might vote against Obama over this were going to vote against him anyway.