King to Rubio — Fuhgeddaboudit

“My relationship with Congress will never be the same again.  They made us wait 90 to 100 days to give the most basic human aid. It was absolutely disgraceful. … All I know is that there were people close to dying in my district and nobody gave a damn. That’s not something I’m going to forget.”

“Guys like Marco Rubio in Florida and all the money your people have gotten in Florida over the years from every hurricane that comes along and this guy has the nerve to vote against money for New York [for Hurricane Sandy], and they come up here and try to raise money.  He can forget it.

“I made it clear any of those people — people who voted and postured against money coming to New York and New Jersey and then wants to come up here and take money out of our pockets, forget it.  They can stay home.”

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) dissing his fellow Republicans for holding up Sandy aid.