Probably Not How Hillary Wanted to Announce

Disgraced exhibitionist and fading NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner told BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith that he knows what role his wife Huma Abedin will play in Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

So Weiner appears to have made Hillary’s announcement for her.  I didn’t think the Clintons could be more pissed at him, but I expect they are.

Monica’s Back!

Just as Bill and Hillary are struggling with Weiner and Huma, Monica’s back and just where you’d expect to find her — the National Enquirer, of course.

They are publishing an old tape she made for him after their affair ended, begging to see him alone and proposing that she take off her clothes, plus assorted love notes.

In one note she refers to Gingko Biloba as Gingko Blowjoba.

In the last photos I saw of Monica, taken in New York City, she looked like Rosie O’Donnell.

Unleash the Newt!

Newtie’s back — the GOP has tapped him to lead the charge against President Obama on welfare reform.  So it will be Newt v. Clinton.  I think we’ve seen this movie before, and it ended with Newtie resigning his Speakership and leaving Congress.

The thing about Newtie is that once you’ve let the Newt out of his terrarium, it can be hard to catch him and put him back in.  He’s a quick and crafty little lizard.  He’ll say what the GOP wants him to say, but he’ll embellish those talking points with his own brand of outlandishness.  Remember, Newtie’s been out there defending Michele Bachmann for going after poor Huma Abedin as a Muslim Brotherhood mole in our State Department.

I think Mitt’s lost control of his campaign.