You Can’t Make Some People Happy

Especially if you’re President Obama, and “some people” are conservative politicians or Fox News commentators.

Having bashed Obama for not capturing those responsible for the Benghazi attack on 9/11/12 that left Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead, the right is now beating up on him because he’s captured the ringleader, Ahmed Abu Khattala.  They don’t like the “timing.”

Special Forces planned and practiced the raid on Khattala’s compound for a year, and now he is heading to the U. S. for trial in a civilian court.

But instead of celebrating the news, the right is dismissing it as an effort to distract from Obama’s other problems and to promote Hillary’s book tour!

Two Words from the Election Results — Patience and Contradictions

I’ve been reading thousands and thousands of words about the election results, but I come away with two — patience and contradictions.

Obama won because voters were willing to be patient with him about the economy.  They realized that we had an economic meltdown, not a garden-variety recession, and so we weren’t going to have a garden-variety recovery.  More voters still blame Bush for the current economy than blame Obama.  And people vote trend more than current conditions.  The economy is getting better, albeit slowly.  This patience won’t last till 2016, but that’s Hillary’s problem.

Mitt lost because aside from that patience with Obama, he was stuck with his party’s contradictions.  They said they wanted to save Medicare by destroying it (that worked really well with those villages in Vietnam).  They said we had to drastically cut Medicaid and food stamps, but we could easily afford more tax cuts for the rich.  They said we needed more personal responsibility, but not when it came to expecting Americans to buy health insurance.  They said they wanted to get government off our backs, but they had to get government into our vaginas with their ultrasound wands.

The GOP talks about being “common sense conservatives.”  They make no sense at all, common or otherwise.

Obama’s Clinton Problem

Mitt doesn’t want Bush 43 to be part of his campaign because he’s unpopular, and Bush respects that.  President Obama shouldn’t want Bill Clinton to be part of his campaign because he’s undisciplined, and Clinton should respect that.

This election should be about the contrast between Obama and Mitt, not the relationship between Obama and Clinton, which is a distraction they’re loving in Boston and gnashing their teeth over in Chicago.

Hillary will understand — she, of all people, knows Bill can’t be trusted.

From “Clinton aides:  Bill screwed up,” John F. Harris and Alexander Burns, Politico:

“Bill Clinton’s off-message musings in recent days on Mitt Romney, taxes and the state of the economy prompted a series of urgent and agitated calls between senior aides to both Clinton and President Barack Obama.

“In the past, these kinds of complaints have often prompted Clinton lieutenants to kindly suggest that the Obama team can go to hell:  a former president can, should and will say what he wants.

“This time was different:  Clinton’s team was as aghast as Obama’s as how the boss had wandered blithely into remarks that left even sympathetic listeners wondering what exactly he was getting at.  He also gave gleeful Republicans an opening to skewer Obama with a popular Democrat’s own words.”  Emphasis added.