How Gerrymandering Hurts GOP

Much has been made of all the safe GOP House Seats, of how their occupants don’t have to fear a general election, just a primary challenge.  Much has been made of how the gerrymandered seats let the GOP keep control of the House even though Dems got 1 million more House votes in 2012.

But there is an enormous downside to the GOP’s failure/inability to develop a strong bench for higher office by electing nut jobs to the House.

You get people in Congress like Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin who don’t just make fools of themselves when they run for Senate, they hurt the party nationally.  Akin didn’t just kill the GOP’s chances of picking up a Senate seat in Missouri, he hurt other Senate races and he hurt Mitt Romney because of his damage to the overall GOP brand.

In the 2014 races, we may see the same thing play out with Steve King in Iowa and with Paul Broun in Georgia.  Their inflammatory and bizarre beliefs will make news all across the country.

All politics may be local, but the politics of crazy has national consequences.

Ohio Looks to Get It Right — Far Right — In 2016

Y’all remember John Husted, the GOP Secretary of State in Ohio, and all his efforts to suppress the presidential vote and help Mitt, first by pushing Voter ID and then by trying to restrict early voting.  It took federal judges to rein this zealous moron in.

But Husted is nothing, if not tenacious.  His new bright idea is that Ohio’s 18 electoral vote be allocated by congressional district, rather than winner-take-all.  Ohio’s districts have been so insanely gerrymandered to favor the GOP that even though Obama won Ohio’s votes, if Husted’s proposed system had been in place, Obama would have gotten only 6 electoral votes, and Mitt would have gotten 12.

Instead of stopping people from voting or allocating their votes unreasonably, why doesn’t the GOP try to win by, oh, I don’t know, maybe offering some good ideas, maybe not pissing off women and Hispanics and African Americans and people who live in cities or on a coast?  Just a thought, people.