The Sorry State of Our War in the Failed State of Afghanistan

From “Our Troops in Afghanistan Are Props,” Jack Kelly, Real Clear Politics:

“‘The mission in Afghanistan is on track…,’ Marine Gen. John Allen, the NATO commander in Afghanistan, told the House Armed Services Committee Tuesday.

“If Gen. Allen really believed that, he’d be delusional.

“Afghan solders and policemen have murdered a coalition soldier or aid worker once a week on average since early 2010, according to an Army study.

“Our soldiers think their Afghan ‘allies’ are unstable, incompetent, drug abusers and thieves, according to that Army study, ‘A Crisis of Trust and Cultural Incompatibility.’  They call them cowardly and lazy and say they lack discipline….

“The Afghans don’t like us either.  ‘Many ANSF members demonstrated a general loathing of U. S. soldiers,’ the study said.

“A Taliban victory is ‘inevitable’ once coalition troops withdraw, concluded a NATO intelligence report last month.  The Taliban remains ‘resilient’; the Afghan government and security forces are corrupt and ineffective, a U. S. National Intelligence Estimate, also in February, concluded.”


Quote of the Day

“Throughout history, insurgencies have seldom been defeated by foreign forces.  Instead, they have been ultimately beaten by indigenous forces.”  Gen. John Allen, commander of allied forces in Afghanistan, testifying before the House Armed Services Committee today.

We’ve been training the Afghan military and police for a decade with precious little to show for it.  And the use of the word “insurgency” is generous, it connotes a small group of rag tag, pesky people fighting a strong central government.  Basically, Karzai is mayor of Kabul.