Santorum and Women

Rick Savonarola Santorum famously lost his Pennsylvania Senate seat in 2006 by 18%.  But it’s interesting to note that he lost women by 22%, compared to 14% among men.

He’s doing poorly among women in national polls now.  In CNN’s latest poll, Santorum gets 29% of women and 37% of men.  Mitt’s numbers are almost the reverse — 38% of women and 29% of men.  And of course this is a poll of just Republican primary voters, so what’s a problem in the primary would be a disaster for him and the GOP in a general election.

Pro-choice women will vote for a man who is against abortion.  We saw this with the “soccer moms” who voted for Bush in 2000 and became the “security moms” who voted for him in 2004 after 9/11.  But asking women to vote for a man who is against contraception is a bridge too far, a bridge to nowhere if the GOP nominates him.