Grenell Was the Canary in Mitt’s Mine

All through the primaries, GOP voters were told that the silver lining of unlikable Mitt’s getting the nomination was that he could beat President Obama because he would appeal to moderates.  The base might not like him, but the candidates they preferred couldn’t win in November.

But if Mitt deserved such moderate support he would have stood up for Ric Grenell, whom who hired as his foreign policy spokesman, but wouldn’t defend against vicious attacks simply because Grenell is gay.  It doesn’t matter if Mitt’s personal beliefs are more reasonable if he won’t act on them.

If you wouldn’t vote for Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann, you shouldn’t vote for Mitt.

Whether the bat-shit wing of the party wins by nominating one of their own (Santorum, Bachmann) or by intimidating a less radical candidate (Romney), the result is the same — they win.

The extremists own Mitt now and will throughout his term if he’s elected.  He won’t want to face a primary in 2016.

Ric Grenell was the canary in Mitt’s mine of moderation.  He didn’t survive.

“If the Reports Are True”

Mitt Romney couldn’t stand up to Bryan Fischer from the American Family Association over his hiring of Ric Grenell, who happens to be gay.  Now Mitt is faulting President Obama for not standing up to the Chinese over the dissident Chen Guangcheng.

With conflicting reports swirling and a lot of confusion as to Chen’s exact situation and wishes, Mitt irresponsibly blasted the President today for a “day of shame” and a “dark day for freedom.”  But he had to preface his condemnation with qualifiers like “if the reports are true” and “if they’re accurate.”  When you have to use language like that, you have no business attacking anyone, you simply don’t have enough information yet.

So aside from the hypocrisy, we have Mitt going off half-cocked while President Obama is in the middle of a tough and messy foreign policy crisis.

Republicans in Congress also held an emergency hearing on Chen in which they criticized the President.

If it had just been about putting Mr. Chen on a plane when he was in our custody, that would be simple.  But he has a family as well, who did not escape with him, a wife, two children, a mother, and brothers, all of whom are at risk.  So the GOP effort to paint this as a situation where President Obama threw Chen under the bus to save his broader negotiations with the Chinese this week with Secretaries Clinton and Geithner conveniently ignores the complicating factor of the safety of Chen’s family.

The brighter the public spotlight that is shone on Chen, the harder it is for the Chinese government to back down.

What’s the real GOP goal here — helping Chen or making Obama  look bad?  If the GOP wants to hurt Obama, they will keep running their mouths.  If they want to help Chen, they will push for him privately and pipe down publicly.

A day of shame?  Definitely —  for Mitt Romney.

Andrew Sullivan Weighs in on Mitt and Ric Grenell

From “The Muzzling of Ric Grenell,” Andrew Sullivan, The Dish:

“He’d been part of organizing a conference call to respond to Vice President Biden’s foreign policy speech,now known best for the “big stick” remark. So some reporters were puzzled as to why Grenell…was not introduced by name as part of the Romney team at the beginning of the call, and his voice completely absent from the conversation. Some even called and questioned him afterwards as to why he was absent. He wasn’t absent. He was simply muzzled. For a job where you are supposed to maintain good relations with reporters, being silenced on a key conference call on your area of expertise is pretty damaging. Especially when you helped set it up.

“Sources close to Grenell say that he was specifically told by those high up in the Romney campaign to stay silent on the call, even while he was on it. And this was not the only time he had been instructed to shut up. Their response to the far right fooferaw was simply to go silent, to keep Grenell off-stage and mute, and to wait till the storm passed. But the storm was not likely to pass if no one in the Romney camp was prepared to back Grenell up. Hence his dilemma. The obvious solution was simply to get Grenell out there doling out the neocon red meat – which would have immediately changed the subject and helped dispel base skepticism. Instead the terrified Romneyites shut him up without any actual plan for when he might subsequently be able to do his job. …  And it’s a mark of Romney’s fundamental weakness within his own party that he could not back his spokesman against the Bryan Fischers and Matthew Francks.

“A couple other thoughts. How many gay conservatives oppose marriage equality – now, apparently, a litmus test (though it wasn’t for Cheney)? I cannot think of any. … So if all gay Republicans who support marriage equality are banned even from speaking on other topics entirely (like Iran or Afghanistan, where Grenell is a fire-breather), who’s left? The answer, I’m afraid, is no one. Grenell was prepared to stay silent on gay issues entirely and do his job. But that wasn’t enough. Romney’s anti-gay agenda is therefore deeper and more extreme than Bush’s.

“I might add that the private conversation among many Republicans in this town is that this was unjust and unfair. The Romneyites are correct when they say they tried to talk him out of it. But they kept and keep their views quiet. The gay-inclusive elements in the elites simply do not have the balls to tackle the religious right. And this is particularly true of Romney, as this case now proves. The Christianists gave Bush a pass on social issues because of his born-again Christianity. They trust Mormon Romney not an inch. And this week demonstrates without any doubt that Romney will therefore not be able to deviate from their wishes an iota. He has no room to maneuver. The notion that he could be a moderate on social issues in office is, alas, a pipe dream.

“Remember: Grenell was told to be silent solely because he was gay. He was accused in National Review of being a potential fifth columnist for Barack Obama, simply because of his support for marriage equality, which he was never going to speak in public on anyway. His job was to speak on national security, a job for which he was very well prepared and very, very neoconservative.

“But the bigots won.”  Emphasis added.

Nothing To Be Proud Of

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer is congratulating himself for helping to hound Ric Grenell, who is gay, out of his job as foreign policy spokesman for Mitt, two weeks after he was hired.

Boasted Fischer on his right-wing talk radio show:  “It’s very clear from the Washington Post that he resigned because of pressure that was put on the Romney campaign by the pro-family community.  So, ladies and gentlemen, this is a huge win, and it’s a huge win for us in regard to Mitt Romney, because Mitt Romney has been forced to say, ‘Look, I overstepped my bounds here, I went outside my parameters here, I went off the reservation with this hire, the pro-family community has called me back to the table here, called me back inside the borders of the reservation.'”

This is just disgusting.  Grenell was the openly-gay spokesman for our U. N. mission under Bush 43, and no one questioned his qualifications for this job with the Romney campaign.  It was all about his being gay.

If Mitt can’t stand up to a sick little Nazi like Bryan Fischer, how is he going to do against Iran or North Korea or China or Russia?

And if Fischer thinks his fellow Americans should be denied work because they are gay, what is he proposing they do?  Should they just starve to death?

Americans are fighting and dying against this kind of thinking among Islamic extremists.  When and how are we going to deal with our own extremists?

Mitt Romney and Bryan Fischer deserve each other.  The American people deserve better.


The Gay Haters Claim a Scalp

Mitt’s recently hired foreign policy spokesman, Richard Grenell, has resigned after a “cup of coffee,” as they say in baseball, with the campaign.

Did he mess up on Iran or North Korea or Russia?

No, actually, his resignation has nothing whatsoever to do with foreign policy.  Grenell is openly gay, and the gay-hating powers that be in the GOP couldn’t rest until they’d hounded him out of his job.

Strong spine there, Mitt.

Butters for Veep

Over at The Hill‘s Congress Blog, Denny Freidenrich is pushing Lindsey “Butters” Graham for Mitt’s Veep.

Um, Denny, you need to Google “Lindsey Graham, gay.”  Then you need to take down your post because everybody is laughing at you.

Even John McCain, who loves him some Lindsey, knew he couldn’t consider him for Veep.

The Really New Nixon — A Gay Wife Beater

Richard Nixon was gay?  That’s what’s being reported, and not in the National Enquirer, but U. S. News and World Report.

The story is based on a new book coming out in January.  Apparently Tricky Dick had a thing for his “friend” Bebe Rebozo.  The story also says that Nixon beat poor Pat before, during, and after his presidency.