Gawker Story on Bill O’Reilly Is Up

Gawker‘s Fox News scoop is up this morning and it’s about Bill “Loofah Boy” O’Reilly.  When O’Reilly thought his wife was having an affair with a Nassau County police detective, he used his power to try to get the guy in trouble because of his personal life, not his official conduct.  I guess he thinks of Nassau County as his own little “police state.”  How cool would it have been if Bill had strangled the guy with a loofah?!

If you’re perplexed by the loofah references, just Google “Bill O’Reilly, Andrea Macris” and enjoy.

Coming Soon — Big Gawker Story on a Fox News Anchor

So I’m “going mental” like Ed Grimley on Saturday Night Live, giddy with excitement and anticipation.  Which one will it be?  Bill  “Loofah Boy” O’Reilly again?   Which one of those preening, preaching hypocrites has Gawker caught with his or her hand in the cookie jar?  I’m hoping it’s Sean Hannity, but it’s guaranteed to be fun.

I thought Roger Ailes did an amazing job tamping down the O’Reilly/Andrea Macris scandal.  This time, they’ve launched a pre-emptive strike, running stories both on air and online claiming that Gawker‘s views are down.  Something tells me they won’t be down next week.

It feels like Christmas Eve, and I’m six years old.  I’m getting an exquisitely-wrapped box of schadenfreude.