He Must Make Mitt Feel Poor

Sheldon Adelson, who single-handedly bankrolled Newtie’s campaign, has now turned his affections to Mitt.  Adelson is determined to do what it takes to defeat President Obama.  And when you’re worth $25 billion, “what it takes” isn’t just some empty boast.

He’s already given $10 million to Mitt’s SuperPAC, but Adelson’s “people” are saying we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  They say he’s planning “limitless” donations.  Limitless here might mean more than $100 million.

I like the First Amendment as much as the next person, but this is seriously messed up.

A little irony here — Mormons are opposed to gambling, but Mitt might get to the White House thanks to casino money.

Sounds Like the Set-up for a Joke

Mitt, Newt, and Trump walk into a casino…

Actually, the three of them will be campaigning together in Las Vegas next week.  Just the thought of the three of them together gives me a headache.  It’s a too muchness reminiscent of when Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, and Ethel Merman were on TV together on Judy’s old show.  But if it sounds like your idea of a fun time, a minimum of $2500 will get you in.

Mitt is also offering the chance to win a dinner with him and the Donald in New York if you make a donation to his campaign.  Isn’t that against Mormon rules, aren’t raffles a form of gambling?  They haven’t set a date for that yet, but whenever it is, I’m pretty sure I have to do laundry that night.