No One Likes a Loser

Rick “Savanarola” Santorum’s lead in Pennsylvania has evaporated.  Mitt’s now up by about 5.

If Frothy stubbornly stays in and loses his home state (again), he won’t be able to run in 2016.  He’ll be toast.   And not toast with a likeness of the Virgin Mary you can sell on eBay.  Badly burned toast, charred and crispy as Savanarola himself ended up for his extremism.

So Frothy really needs to get out not just for Mitt and the GOP, but for self-preservation.

Santorum Wants to Go Home

Campaigning in Wisconsin, Rick Santorum said that he’d prefer to be home in Virginia, so he could “make a little money and tend to my own garden and take care of my family and friends.”

Um, Rick, who or what is stopping you?  If you want to go garden, I’ll send you some seed packets.

Go home, before you embarrass yourself and the GOP and your fellow Catholics (who prefer to vote for a Mormon over you) any more.  The republic will survive without you.  Actually, it will do a whole lot better, since you don’t believe in separation of church and state.  That’s the real B.S., not what some NYT reporter writes about you.

Face it, Frothy, there isn’t going to be a brokered convention, and Mitt isn’t going to pick you for his Veep.  Not only has the fat lady sung, she’s gone home and is sound asleep.