Newt and Freddie Mac

Newtie is now releasing his contracts with Freddie Mac.  I expect they say that he will not do any lobbying for them (wink, wink).  That was his standard boilerplate language for his lobbying contracts.  I think everyone had a good laugh when they signed them.

If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck….

Newtie Needs Another Excuse

When questioned about whether he worked for Freddie Mac as a lobbyist, as we all know he did, or as the highest-paid historian in the history of the world, as he claims, Newt has fallen back on the excuse that he can’t release his contracts with them because they are confidential.

Well, the president of Freddie Mac has just released him from that obligation, and basically said,  “It’s fine with us if you reveal those contracts.”

So what’s your excuse now, Newtie?  I’m sure it will have something to do with how he’s like Churchill and Reagan and Obama is a socialist with Kenyan anti-colonial values.  And the word “fundamentally” will definitely appear in his new excuse at least once.

The Murdoch Primary

There’s lots of talk about who is winning the Fox News primary, but it’s more complicated than that.  I think the question is who is winning the Rupert Murdoch primary.

Fox News has been cheer-leading hard for Newtie.  But the Wall Street Journal, also owned by Murdoch, seems more in favor of Mitt Romney.  They had a scathing editorial today, “Gingrich of Freddie Mac,” that showed about as much love for Newtie as they have for Barney Frank.

It seems as if Murdoch is keeping a foot in both camps — the Tea Party and Wall Street — and keeping his audiences happy so they keep adding to his already-overflowing coffers.

Newt Soars, Newt Crashes

Newt Gingrich’s chances of winning the GOP nomination have dropped dramatically in the last few days on Intrade.  He’s gone from almost 40% to 16.5%.

Mitt Romney is back up to 64% after a drop to 42%.  Maybe Mittens bet $10,000 on himself.

Newtie’s ride down could be as swift and dramatic as his sudden ascent.  He could be back at Freddie Mac’s door, hat in hand, hoping for taxpayer money to make Callista look even more like a Christmas tree (a fake one) with sparkly stuff from Tiffany’s.

If Mitt is the frying pan (a very high-end French enameled one from Williams-Sonoma), Newtie is both the gasoline and the fire.