Fallout from Komen’s Battle with Planned Parenthood Continues

Now the focus is on Komen’s founder and current head, Nancy Brinker.*    While she had a full-time job with the federal government between 2007 and 2009, as the State Department’s Chief of Protocol (appointed by Bush 43), she billed Komen $133,507.   Rick Cohen, an analyst of nonprofit management, says this is highly unusual.

Brinker, who is independently wealthy, also flies first-class and stays in five-star hotels at the charity’s expense.  Again, Cohen says this is unusual:  “For most nonprofits, they wouldn’t think of first-class travel.  There is the issue of perception.”  If she’s used to this lifestyle, she could bill Komen for coach and standard hotels and pay the difference herself.

There is also Brinker’s  mean-spirited attitude in taking legal action against other charities who use the phrase “for the cure.”  She has gone after a lung-cancer group that does Kites for the Cure and a group called Mush for the Cure, which does dog sled events.  These are much smaller charities than Komen, so Komen looks like a bully.  This doesn’t seem like a good use of donors’ money.

* “Komen Founder Nancy Brinker’s Mysterious Expense Report,” by Abigail Pesta, The Daily Beast