Obama Up by Ten in New Pew Poll

The Pew Research Center Poll released today finds President Obama up by 10 over Mitt, 51 to 41%.  It’s registered voters, though, not likely voters, so not as reliable.

Mittens’ favorables continue to be upside down, with 52% having an unfavorable view of him and 37% favorable.  The polling was done before Mitt’s triumphant trip abroad.

Obama is at the favorable number considered the bare minimum to be re-elected — 50%, with 45% unfavorable.

Mitt isn’t succeeding at narrowing the gender gap:  56% of women favor Obama, with 37% for Mitt.

Obama gets voters under 30 (58% to 34%), while Mitt gets those 65 and up (49% to 45%).

Independent voters — you know, the folks who actually decide these things — are almost evenly divided, with 45% for Obama and 43% for Mitt.

Mitt’s New Hampshire Neighbors Prefer Obama

President Obama is leading Mitt in New Hampshire among likely voters, 51-42%.

Obama’s favorables/unfavorables are 50/47, while Mitt’s are a pathetic 36/51.

New Hampshire just sent Tea Partier Kelly Ayotte (backed by Sarah Palin!) to the Senate in 2010, but they can’t stand Mitt.


Mitt’s Favorables Up

A new CNN poll shows that Mitt’s favorable/unfavorable rating is now 44/43, still low, but about 10 points better than it’s been.  President Obama’s favorables/unfavorables are 56/42.

Moreover, 53% said they will give Mitt a fresh look, a clear Etch a Sketch as it were, with the primaries over.  43% said they know all they need to know about him.  I’m in that 43%.

Fox News Poll Shows Little Love for Mitt or Rick

A new Fox News poll of registered voters shows that both Mitt and Santorum are upside down on their favorable/unfavorable ratings.

Mitt is at 39/49, while Santorum is at 35/47.

You can’t win with numbers like these, no matter how high the price of gas.  People will ride their bikes to the polls for Obama.