Where Are the Pro-Life People on This?

In 2009, Herbert and Catherine Schaible’s two-year-old son died of pneumonia because they belong to a Christian Fundamentalist church that believes only in faith healing.

They were given ten years’ probation in his death.

You can guess what just happened.  Yes, now their eight-month-old baby has died after being very sick and getting lots of prayers, but no medical help.

Look, if they don’t want to see a doctor for themselves, they can pray themselves to death as far as I’m concerned.  But when it comes to their minor children, they don’t have that right.

I think of the parents in Africa or Latin America who would cut off their right arm to get their baby some medical help and none is available to them, while these morons refuse to drive to the ER.

Maybe we need a little more state, and a little less church, to protect our children.