Deck Stacked Against the Little Guy

From Rich Karlgaard on about Facebook’s IPO:

“Facebook left nothing for the common investor.  The insider pig pile of PE firms and celebrity Silicon Valley angels took it all.  This is a rather new, post-Sarbanes-Oxley fact and it should make Americans very, very angry.  When Microsoft went public in 1986, its market value was $780 million.  Microsoft’s market value would rise more than 700 times in the next 13 years.  Bill Gates made millionaires of thousands of ordinary public investors.  When Google went public in 2004 at a $23 billion valuation, it left less on the table for you and me.  Still, if you had invested in Google then and held your stock, you would be sitting atop a 9x return.  Zuckerberg and his Facebook friends took it all…”

What’s the Definition of Delusional?

Sarah Palin challenged President Obama to a debate.  She issued this challenge on her Facebook page.

It’s almost sad.  Almost.

The White House is scheduling the Obama-Palin debate immediately after the three-hour, Lincoln-Douglas debate with Newt at a gas station.  April 31st, at half-past never.

It’s tough duty working at the White House.  I’m glad they all had a good laugh as the Palin challenge popped up in their in-boxes.

Do You Fantasize About a Day with Mitt Romney?

If you do, you really need help, but anyway,  Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney is offering a contest where the winner gets to spend a whole day campaigning with him!  With his hundreds of millions of dollars, he’s even willing to spring for a coach ticket.   You also get one night in a hotel, but it doesn’t say if Mitt will join you in that room in his Magic Mormon Underwear.  We know there won’t be Champagne because of the Mormon thing.

You can enter for free, but his Facebook page is encouraging a $5 donation.  I’m happy to pay Mitt $5 to stay away from me.

Hey, Mitt, you offer a day with Derek Jeter, and I’ll be on your Facebook page clicking away with $5 donations till my fingers are raw.