FBI Report on Steve Jobs

The Internet this morning is brimming with excerpts from the FBI’s 191-page background check on Steve Jobs from 1991, when he was being considered for a purely advisory position on Bush 41’s President’s Export Council.

The Export Council consists of 28 members from the private sector, plus members of Congress and heads of the relevant executive branch agencies.

But rather than focus on the contents of the report, I’m questioning the need for the report itself.  I don’t understand why appointment to this position would require such a thorough FBI investigation of Jobs.  It’s not as if he was becoming head of the CIA or Secretary of Defense.  It was an unpaid position without any power.

No wonder so many American leaders don’t want to get involved with the government when asked to offer their expertise.  Who needs a 191-page FBI report filled with quotes from people who don’t like you or are jealous of your success?  You don’t get to be Steve Jobs without making some enemies on the way up.