A Gentle Reminder That Perversion Is Bipartisan

Whatever happens to Keith Olbermann (and I think we all know his upcoming stint on ESPN will end badly), I will always remember fondly that when Sen. David Vitter (R-SC) was caught up in his prostitution scandal back in 2007, Olbermann would quickly and quietly mutter “diaper” when referring to the Palmetto Perv.

Vitter was named in the DC Madame scandal, but then it emerged that just as members of Congress have homes both in DC and their states, Vitter had ho’s both in DC and back home.  And he managed to stand out among his brothel’s clientele in New Orleans because he liked to let his good times roll while wearing a diaper.  Yes, he managed to shock NOLA prostitutes in how he preferred to be “Pampered.”

And if you think things couldn’t get weirder, let me add that when Vitter was running for Senate, one of his ads showed him changing one of his kids’ diapers.

I bring this up because last night MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry was talking about Vitter’s bill banning a federal bailout for Detroit (no one is proposing such a bailout, but that never stops the party from the alternate universe), and she referenced his “unlawful and, shall we say, infantile infidelity.”

More subtle than Keith, but much appreciated anyway.

So make your Weiner jokes, GOP, but don’t forget that members of both parties can be equally bizarre and creepy when it comes to their members.

How Many Wins?

How many Yankee wins?

Over at ESPNNewYork.com, Andrew Marchand says the Yankees will go 84-78, for a fourth-place finish.  He predicts the Blue Jays will win, followed by the Orioles, the Rays, the Yankees, and the Red Sox.

Marchand’s colleague Wallace Matthews is more optimistic, predicting 88-74, for a third-place finish.  He predicts the Blue Jays will win, the Rays will get the wild card, and the Yanks and Orioles will fight for the second wild card, with the Yankees getting it.  He also puts the Red Sox in the basement.

I like Matthews’ scenario, but I think Marchand is more likely to be right.  I am both very excited about tomorrow’s opener and dreading how this season will play out.