Trump Blames Obama for His Greedy Fraud

Donald Trump runs three-day scams seminars called the Trump Entrepreneur Institute where suckers pay up to $35,000 (!) thinking they are going to learn his secrets, become super rich, and plaster their names all over luxury buildings chock full of gold-plated fixtures.  The thing used to be called Trump University, until the New York State Education Department pointed out that he didn’t exactly meet the requirements for a university (or even a community college!).

Anyway, his waste-of-money “classes” generated a lot of consumer complaints and civil lawsuits.  For example, folks who thought they were going to meet Trump himself and learn at the master’s knee were a tad disappointed to have their photo taken with a cardboard image of the Donald.

So now the Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman, is suing Trump for fraud in state court, seeking $40 million in restitution for those who claim they didn’t get what Trump promised.

But Trump of course can’t accept that his greed has caught up with him, and he went on Fox and Friends (where else?) this morning, claiming that President Obama is behind the lawsuit.

Yes, with all that’s going on in Syria and Egypt, the President is very busy plotting against Donald Trump.

A Fraud Within the Fraud

People, if you’re looking for the personification of chutzpah, we have a winner!  He is J. Ezra Merkin, hedge fund manager.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced that Merkin will pay $405 million to his former investors to settle a civil fraud suit.  When Bernie Madoff’s  pyramid crumbled to dust in December 2008, Merkin’s funds lost about $1.2 billion.

But here’s the kicker — Merkin made hundreds of millions in management fees without actually doing any research or analysis for his clients.  All he did was take their money and pass it along to Madoff to “invest.”

Nice work if you can get it!  Merkin must have made more per hour than anyone in history.

Which proves it’s not what you know, it’s who you know…