Perry Fights for Christmas, But Not for Women

It’s been quite a week for Texas Gov. Rick Perry.  He went from signing a bill to defend Christmas in Texas’ public schools to vetoing one that would have defended women’s right to equal pay, a state version of the federal Lilly Ledbetter Act.

Forty-two other states have these equal-pay laws.

So Perry chose to address an imaginary problem and ignore a very real one.  Is he still on those pain meds for his back?

More on Hilary Rosen

From “Hilary and Hillary:  Political Mommy Wars,” Jane Mayer, The New Yorker:

“But when unemployment statistics are compiled, they don’t include unpaid labor.  Volunteer work and full-time parenting are laudable and socially essential, but they aren’t the same thing as a paid job.  Employment, or the lack of it, is the burning issue in America’s economy at the moment.  It was in that context — a discussion of the unemployment numbers on a television talk show, and Romney’s comments that Ann was his source for women’s opinions on the issue — that Rosen spoke.

“Any time the issue can be ignited in politics, those who want to divide women gain.  The resentments and suspicions and insecurities of women on both sides are so deep that it is a surefire way to undermine any chance of women uniting into something resembling a solid voter bloc.  If you want to distract women from issues on which the government actually has a policy role, such as the availability and legality of health-care services (including abortion), childcare, and equal pay, it’s perfect.”  Emphasis added.