Better Late Than Never

Rick Santorum finally endorsed Mitt — in an email to his supporters.  No sharing a stage, with their joined hands held over their heads.

So that leaves Ron Paul, skulking around picking up more delegates than he should have based on his vote totals and taking over state party machines.  He might be a major pain in Tampa, where they will try to hide the crazy, or at least keep it off the stage in prime time.  Our Founding Fathers will be rolling…

Mitt, A Noun, A Verb, and 9/11

From “Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani Still Not Ready for Prime Time,” Dan Collins, HuPo:

Mitt Romney rolled out Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday in a bid to inoculate himself from Democratic suggestions that he is too weak to have whacked Osama bin Laden. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee and Old 9/11 visited a firehouse in lower Manhattan to mark the first anniversary of the terror chief’s death.

It was not the stuff of legends. Looking at the two men standing together, it became clear how completely the Giuliani magic had vanished. The former mayor wore a suit and looked as if he had been stuffed by a taxidermist for the occasion. Romney, in his white shirt and tie, looked positively casual and loose by comparison.

When you hit a point where you make Mitt Romney look cool, you know your day is over.

Everything seemed to be knee-deep in irony. At a time when the Romney camp was attacking President Obama for politicizing bin Laden’s demise, Mitt himself was hanging out with Rudy, who was always front and center when the Republicans needed someone — someone other than Dick Cheney — to suggest that whenever the Democrats win, so do the terrorists.

But the magic is gone — Rudy accompanied Mitt to a Greenwich Village firehouse that had taken a heavy hit in 9/11 fatalities. The terror-fighting duo brought pizza for the firefighters — a photo-0p that flopped when one of the well-cordoned-off photographers hung around long enough to get some pictures of Romney and Giuliani dumping their pizza boxes on an aide, who presumably actually took the food into the waiting blaze battlers.

Looking at the two men standing there together, you had to remember that four years ago, Rudy was for a while the front-runner for the presidential nomination, while Mitt ran back with the pack. But today Romney is the all-but-official Republican nominee. Rudy is a second-tier talking head on cable news shows who is no longer taken seriously by the media, the other Republicans, or most of the public.

Romney didn’t even give Giuliani the starring role in his day. He also visited with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who appeared to be the subject of far more intense romancing. Bloomberg has dropped hints that he might consider endorsing in the presidential race, and the Romney camp was clearly much more interested in that possibility than in trotting out Rudy Giuliani.

If things get any worse for Giuliani, the next Republican presidential nominee will stick him with carrying the pizza.

Trump Endorsing Mitt

After media reports yesterday that Donald Trump would endorse Newt, now the story is that he will endorse Mitt at 3:30 EST.

The Newt endorsement made sense to me, since I thought the Donald would think he was getting the concession to build condos, hotels, casinos, and golf courses on the moon.  I also thought the Donald would be more comfortable with the guy who also has three wives.

It will be interesting to see how Mitt deals with questions about the Donald’s birther beliefs.

Cautious Mitt and flamboyant Trump certainly are an odd couple.  Mitt’s campaign is going to have to spend a lot of time and energy ‘splaining outrageous stuff that Trump constantly spews.

Blue Tiffany’s Boxes All Around

I’ve heard that when they come to work tomorrow, everyone at the New Hampshire Union Leader will find a blue Tiffany’s box on his or her desk.  An early Christmas!

Because one thing you have to admit about the One Percent, like Newtie and Callista, is that they know how and where to shop.

Union Leader Sticks Knife in Mitt, Twists

The New Hampshire Union Leader didn’t just endorse Newt Gingrich, they also took swipes at Mitt Romney in doing so, so kind of a two-fer.  They don’t name names, but clearly they are referring to Mitt and his lack of belief in anything other than getting himself to the Oval Office:

“We look for conservatives of courage and conviction who are independent-minded, grounded in their core beliefs about this nation and its people…”

“We would rather back someone with whom we may sometimes disagree than one who tells us what he thinks we want to hear.”