McConnell Joins “No” Column

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), terrified of his junior senator Rand Paul and the Tea Party challenge to his re-election in 2014, just came out against Obama’s Syria resolution.  He’s making Speaker of the House John Boehner look even more like a Maytag repairman — very lonely.

And Ed “Profile in Courage” Markey (D-Massachusetts) has switched his vote from Present to No.

Empty Barn Jacket Not Running for Senate

Scott “Empty Barn Jacket” Brown, who just lost his Massachusetts Senate seat to Elizabeth Warren, will not run for John Kerry’s seat in the special election on June 25.

So it looks as if he will run for governor in 2014 instead.

Brown won the special election in 2010 following Ted Kennedy’s death and then lost in the 20102 election for a full term.  He would have faced a similar situation — a special election for a short term, followed by having to run again in 2014 for a full term.

Republicans tend to do better running for governor (see Romney, Mitt) than senator in Taxachusetts.

Hello, Sen. Markey.