Ohio Looks to Get It Right — Far Right — In 2016

Y’all remember John Husted, the GOP Secretary of State in Ohio, and all his efforts to suppress the presidential vote and help Mitt, first by pushing Voter ID and then by trying to restrict early voting.  It took federal judges to rein this zealous moron in.

But Husted is nothing, if not tenacious.  His new bright idea is that Ohio’s 18 electoral vote be allocated by congressional district, rather than winner-take-all.  Ohio’s districts have been so insanely gerrymandered to favor the GOP that even though Obama won Ohio’s votes, if Husted’s proposed system had been in place, Obama would have gotten only 6 electoral votes, and Mitt would have gotten 12.

Instead of stopping people from voting or allocating their votes unreasonably, why doesn’t the GOP try to win by, oh, I don’t know, maybe offering some good ideas, maybe not pissing off women and Hispanics and African Americans and people who live in cities or on a coast?  Just a thought, people.


Karl Rove Really Needs To Be Committed

Rove went on Fox News to say that Obama “succeeded by suppressing the vote.”

Yes, that explains all the GOP-driven Voter ID laws, decreased early voting, and excruciatingly long lines in heavily Dem/minority areas.  The people who waited in line six or seven hours weren’t rich white guys voting for Romney.  I will be forever grateful to those who stuck it out despite Karl’s best efforts to stick it to them.

Supreme Court Rules Against Ohio GOP

In a big win for the Obama campaign, the U. S. Supreme Court denied the request of Ohio’s GOP Secretary of State to cancel early voting on the last three days before the election.

Last cycle, about 100,000 people voted during that time, and most of them were Obama voters, including the crucial “souls to the polls” efforts sponsored by African-American churches on the Sunday before.

Mitt won’t win without Ohio, and this makes his path harder.

Ohio Still Fighting to Suppress Obama Vote

Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted continues to do everything he can to suppress the Democratic vote in that crucial swing state, where Obama has been leading Mitt.

Today he announced that he’s appealing to the U. S. Supreme Court the Sixth Circuit’s decision reinstating early voting for the three days before the election.  The Founding Fathers would just love this guy, this wannabe petty tyrant.

Um, Jon, the point of our system is that both parties do their best to persuade voters, not suppress them.  I hope you’re proud of yourself for using your office to undermine the Obama vote because you’re undermining our democracy.

Bush v. Gore II?

Ohio is critical for both President Obama and Mitt.  It might well decide the election.

So the fight over early voting there is especially unsettling.  Last time, about 100,000 ballots were cast in the three days before the election, most of them for Obama.  The Democrats have won a lower court federal ruling in favor of maintaining those three days  that the GOP has been trying to cancel.

The dispute may result in an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court.  Their decision could determine the outcome not just for Ohio, but for the whole country.

Just what we need, another Bush v. Gore.  I’m still angry about the first one.

Everyone in Ohio Should Vote Against Mitt

With their Tea Party victories in state legislatures in 2010, the GOP has been moving to suppress voter turnout in 2012 among groups that favor President Obama, such as minorities, students, young voters.  Aside from the well-publicized Voter ID laws, they’re also trying to shorten early voting periods, which helped Obama last time.

In Ohio, the GOP-controlled legislature eliminated three days of early voting that occurred in 2008, during which almost 100,000 people voted.  Obama won Ohio.  The shortening of early voting made an exception for military voters.  The Obama Administration sued to reinstate those three days for everybody, whether you are active military or not.

But the GOP has been yelling and screaming that the Kenyan Muslim Socialist, who hates the military and American power, is trying to keep servicemen and women from voting, rather than tell the truth, which is that Obama is trying to let everybody vote as they did in 2008.

Mitt and Fox News and the whole GOP agitprop machine know they’re lying about this, but they just don’t care.  Mitt is doing deceitful ads about it.

The people of Michigan should show that lies have consequences and unanimously vote for Obama.