Mitt’s Sinking Feeling

“Political strategists in both parties look on Romney with a combination of frustration and sympathy — and, among Democrats, undisguised glee.  Some of Romney’s woes are genuinely of his own creation, but there’s also a recognition on both sides that the former Massachusetts governor is caught in a classic downward political spiral where the perception of weakness drives one negative story after another, and political reporters compete ferociously to draw the most blood from a sinking candidate.”  Emphasis added.

Alexander Burns, “Mitt Romney, man of constant sorrow,” Politico

Mitt definitely has that Dukasis/Kerry loser stench about him.  Once you have it, it’s almost impossible to wash off.  Mitt is metaphorically trapped in the tank, looking goofy.

The GOP’s Buyer’s Remorse

Rupert Murdoch isn’t the only one beating up on Mitt and comparing him to John Kerry.  Bill Kristol from The Weekly Standard, who helped bring us Sarah Palin, makes the same comparison and throws in Michael Dukakis for good measure.

He urges Mitt to “get off autopilot” and “actually think about the race he’s running.”  But Mitt is too cautious to do the kind of fundamental campaign overhaul he needs, and besides, there’s no such thing as a personality transplant.   Mitt is too “conservative” as a person to create and run the campaign conservatives want.

I don’t think the GOP’s comparing President Obama to Jimmy Carter is resonating, but their comparing their own hapless/hopeless guy to Kerry and Dukakis rings true.