Another Bad Guy Gone

On the eve of the 11th anniversary of 9/11, the President isn’t just out there making patriotic speeches, he’s making us safer, protecting us from another day of horror.

The Defense Ministry in Yemen is reporting that Al Qaeda’s No. #2 leader there, Saeed al-Shihri, has been killed in a drone strike.  This is a major blow to the terrorists because Yemen is now Al Qaeda’s most significant hub.

As Joe Biden would say, this is a BFD.

We have an excellent commander in chief — we need to keep him.

Yemen Is the New Afghanistan

The thwarting of the latest underwear bomb plot coming out from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (A.Q.A.P.), based in Yemen, along with the killing of it external operations chief by a drone strike on Sunday, shows that our intelligence agencies are working well with other governments, like Saudi Arabia, to keep us safe.

Back in 2001, Al Qaeda in Afghanistan was the most serious terror threat to the U. S. homeland.  But now it is Al Qaeda in Yemen.  On the one hand, our intelligence and counter-terrorism efforts have adjusted successfully to meet the changing threat.  On the other hand, our continuing military efforts in Afghanistan are a waste of lives and money.

Pro-life Bombs? Really?

Now there’s an oxymoron for you.  Bombing for life.

Yesterday evening a bomb exploded at a Planned Parenthood office in Wisconsin.  The FBI is investigating.

These sick people are our own version of radical Islamic terrorists.  They are violent extremists, who don’t really care about “life,” only about imposing their ideology on the rest of us by force and intimidation.  They are no better than the bastards who took over the planes on 9/11.  They are using the same tactics the Taliban is using this very minute in Afghanistan.

I worry about threats like Iran and Al Qaeda, but I also worry about a country where your life is at risk if you go get a prescription for birth control pills.

This is a war on American women, and I’d love to do a drone strike on the nut jobs who did this.

The Good 1%

The war in Iraq is officially over.  Except of course for the families of the 4,500 service men and women who were killed.  It will never end for them.  Nor will it end for the wounded and their families.

However we feel about the war, the 99% of us who bore no share of the burden owe an enormous debt to the 1% who serve, who go on deployment after deployment after deployment.  They are the “good 1%.”

There are no celebrations here, but I expect they’re celebrating in Tehran, since Iran will turn out to be the real winner.

In return for handing them a weakened Iraq, you’d think Iran would return our drone, the one that “wandered” across the border from Afghanistan.   If Perry were president, he could just call Ahmadinejad and say Oops.

Anybody think President Obama will wake up Christmas morning to find it under the tree with a big red bow?  Me either.