When Will George Bush (and Karl Rove) Apologize to McCain?

I hate to find myself defending Donald Trump, but what George W. Bush did to John McCain in the 2000 South Carolina primary was far, far worse than anything Trump has said.

Devastated by his loss in the New Hampshire primary, Bush had to win SC.  So he did “push polls” leading voters to believe that McCain had fathered an illegitimate black child, when he and Cindy had of course adopted their daughter Bridget.  Bush also implied that McCain’s time as a POW had left him too mentally ill to serve as president.  Bush won SC, but he sure as hell didn’t win fair.

More Stupid from The Donald

Donald Trump is now coming out against childhood vaccinations, joining the parade of morons who think vaccinations cause autism.  At least his birtherism didn’t really hurt anybody.

While vaccinations don’t cause autism, parents’ growing failure to get their children immunized is definitely causing outbreaks of whooping cough and measles, diseases which shouldn’t even exist in this country.

All part of the terrifying turn against science in favor of superstition and quackery.

And It All Leads Back to…Donald Trump!

Ok, so back in 2007, David Wildstein, the guy who ordered the Fort Lee lanes to the George Washington Bridge closed and has since resigned in disgrace from his $150,000 political patronage job with the Port Authority, got financial backing to start a political website called Politicker.com.  That backing came from Jared Kushner, who was 26 at the time (rich father) and owned the New York Observer.  Wildstein had previously blogged about New Jersey politics under the name Wally Edge, but the new site would be national in scope.

Politicker.com lasted only about a year before failing for lack of eyeballs and ads.

Jared Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump, the Donald’s daughter.

Trump Blames Obama for His Greedy Fraud

Donald Trump runs three-day scams seminars called the Trump Entrepreneur Institute where suckers pay up to $35,000 (!) thinking they are going to learn his secrets, become super rich, and plaster their names all over luxury buildings chock full of gold-plated fixtures.  The thing used to be called Trump University, until the New York State Education Department pointed out that he didn’t exactly meet the requirements for a university (or even a community college!).

Anyway, his waste-of-money “classes” generated a lot of consumer complaints and civil lawsuits.  For example, folks who thought they were going to meet Trump himself and learn at the master’s knee were a tad disappointed to have their photo taken with a cardboard image of the Donald.

So now the Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman, is suing Trump for fraud in state court, seeking $40 million in restitution for those who claim they didn’t get what Trump promised.

But Trump of course can’t accept that his greed has caught up with him, and he went on Fox and Friends (where else?) this morning, claiming that President Obama is behind the lawsuit.

Yes, with all that’s going on in Syria and Egypt, the President is very busy plotting against Donald Trump.

Trump to Rove: “You’re Fired!”

”When you watch someone who spends $400 million on campaigns with perhaps the worst ads I’ve ever seen — they did ads on Obama I thought were being paid for by the Obama campaign.  When you spend $400 million and it’s a failure and you don’t have one victory, you know something is seriously, seriously wrong.”

Donald Trump at CPAC today.

Double Combover Speaking at CPAC

Wasn’t the GOP supposed to learn something from the 2012 loss?  Weren’t they going to change at least their obnoxious style if not their off-putting substance?

So far, it seems to be insanity as usual.

Latest case in point:  NJ Gov. Chris Christie wasn’t invited to CPAC next week, but guess who was?  Birther Donald Trump.

So, Donald, Would You Call This Something Big?

Donald Trump told the Three Stooges on “Fox and Friends” this morning that he has “Something very, very big concerning the president of the United States.  It’s going to be very big.  I know one thing — you will cover it in a very big fashion.”

We can expect this revelation on Wednesday.

However “big” it is, we know it can’t be bigger than his ego.

Can too much money make you insane, a la Howard Hughes?

The Donald Strikes Back

Trump has struck back at George Will, calling him the “dumbest political commentator of all time.”

But that response doesn’t have quite the oomph of Will’s calling Trump a “bloviating ignoramus,” does it?

To me, the fact that Mitt is so afraid of Trump that he feels compelled to campaign with him doesn’t say much about Mitt’s ability to take on Putin or Ahmadinejad, does it?   There’s just something so craven and cowardly about Mitt, you can see it in his eyes.

Seamus’ Revenge Continues

Check out the web site “Dogs Against Romney.”  It’s actually been around since Mitt’s last presidential run, when the Seamus story first got national attention.  Tonight they have a photo of a dog with a wispy combover claiming to be “Dollar Trump,” apologizing for his dad Donald’s endorsement of Mitt.

Also, Urban Dictionary defines the verb “to Romney” as “to defecate in terror.”  Rick Santorum is hoping it catches on.