Good Ebola News for Animal Lovers

Bentley, Dallas nurse Nina Pham’s dog, has tested negative for Ebola.  He will be tested again before his quarantine is up on November 1.  Um, Spain, this is how you do it.  I’m guessing Teresa Romero’s dog, Excalibur, would have been Ebola negative too, but we’ll never know for sure, will we Spain, because you irrationally rushed to kill him.

Pham herself has been upgraded from fair to good at NIH in Bethesda, MD.  I’m looking forward to seeing her reunited with Bentley.


A Good Day for Seamus Romney

Among those celebrating the Union Leader‘s endorsement of Newt Gingrich and not Mitt Romney must be Seamus Romney, savoring the news like a juicy steak as he frolics in dog heaven.   Seamus, as Gail Collins perpetually reminds us in her NYT column, is the Irish setter whom Mitt strapped to the roof of his car for a long drive to Canada.

Mitt’s reward for this idiocy and cruelty was a stream of dog poop cascading down his windshield.   Today the Union Leader pooped on Mitt’s parade.