GOP Death Panels

In his column* today, Paul Krugman points to a RAND corporation study that found if 14 states whose GOP governors were opposed to the Medicaid expansion ultimately refused to adopt it, it would cause about 19,000 deaths a year.

Right now, it looks as if more than 14 states, more like 24 or 25, won’t expand Medicaid under Obamacare, so that means even more deaths.

* “The Spite Club,” NYT

Dick Morris Is a Big Fat Pot Calling the Kettle Black

I got a mass email today from creepy, prostitute-hiring Fox News analyst Dick Morris that said in part, “Obama and the Democrats are famous for creating issues that don’t exist.”

Republicans, of course, never do anything like that.  They wouldn’t, say, call the Islamic Center at the old Burlington Coat Factory the “Ground Zero Mosque.”  They wouldn’t raise fears about “death panels” that are as real as unicorns.  They wouldn’t make a huge stink about the president’s birth certificate.   They wouldn’t have a clueless presidential candidate like Michele Bachmann, who thinks the Gardasil vaccine causes mental retardation.   They wouldn’t have a crazy presidential candidate like Ron Paul, who thinks the fence along the Mexican border will be used to keep Americans from going to Mexico.

Dick Morris, if not today’s Worst Person in the World, certainly the least self-aware.