Quote of the Day

“The Hispanic voters in Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico don’t give a damn about Marco Rubio, the Tea Party Cuban-American from Florida. You know what? We won the Cuban vote! And it’s because younger Cubans are behaving differently than their parents. It’s probably my favorite stat of the whole campaign. So this notion that Marco Rubio is going to heal their problems – it’s not even sophomoric; it’s juvenile! And by the way: the bigger problem they’ve got with Latinos isn’t immigration. It’s their economic policies and health care. The group that supported the president’s health care bill the most? Latinos.”

David Plouffe, quoted in Robert Draper’s cover story for this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine

Marco Rubio Hurts Mitt in Florida

An interesting new PPP poll out of Florida —

President Obama leads Mitt by 5% in a contest with no Veep name.  When you plug in Jeb Bush as Veep, Obama’s lead drops to 3%.

But when you plug in Florida Senator Marco Rubio (or as I think of him, Marco!  Rubio!) as Veep, Obama’s lead widens to 7%, so Rubio actually hurts Mitt.

Rubio doesn’t even help Mitt get more Hispanic voters in Florida.  Without Rubio, Obama leads Mitt among them by 52% to 37%.  With Rubio on the ticket, those numbers remain the same.

How can this be?  For one thing, Rubio isn’t all that popular in Florida right now.  His favorables/unfavorables are 43/41.

For another, Cuban Americans tend to be fairly conservative, more so as a group than other Hispanic voters.  They are out of step with other Hispanics on immigration policy because they benefit from their own rules.  Mitt gets the Cuban Americans he’s going to get with or without Rubio on the ticket.

The GOP thinks of the Hispanic vote as much more monolithic than it is.  Cuban Americans are a distinct community, and Hispanic Americans from other backgrounds, like Mexican Americans, don’t particularly identify with or relate to them, and vice versa.

The GOP, in its racist condescending way, just sees all these “brown” people who mow their lawns and thinks if you pick any one of them as Veep, you’ll suddenly attract all these Hispanic voters.  Hispanics in places like Arizona and New Mexico aren’t going to abandon President Obama because Marco Rubio is Mitt’s running mate.

Mitt really needs to run with someone less slick, someone “softer” than Rubio.  The two of them on a stage just ooze naked ambition for ambition’s sake.  Rubio gives off the same “lean and hungry” vibe as Mitt.