Good Point

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo on one of the reasons CPAC gets such out-sized media attention:

“In recent years, especially since Obama became President, CPAC’s wild press popularity and attention has been driven by what we might call a tacit conspiracy of derp between the event organizers and the people who cover it. You be outrageous; we’ll be outraged. And everyone will be happy. (After all, crap like this doesn’t happen by accident.) This has become even more the case as the contemporary Conservative Movement has become less a matter of ideology than a sort of performance art.”

Rand Paul Wins CPAC Poll

Rand Paul won the CPAC straw poll today for 2016 nominee.  A GOP nominee Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could love.

He got 25% of the vote, and Marco Rubio got 23%.

Rick Santorum was third, and Chris Christie (who didn’t get an invitation to speak) was fourth.

There were 23 names on the ballot.

CPAC skews younger — much younger — than the typical Republican voter.

Trump to Rove: “You’re Fired!”

”When you watch someone who spends $400 million on campaigns with perhaps the worst ads I’ve ever seen — they did ads on Obama I thought were being paid for by the Obama campaign.  When you spend $400 million and it’s a failure and you don’t have one victory, you know something is seriously, seriously wrong.”

Donald Trump at CPAC today.