Olbermann Fired (Again)

Keith Olbermann has been fired from Current TV for not honoring his five-year, $50 million contract.  This comes a little over a year after Olbermann left MSNBC under less than happy circumstances.

Eliot (Client #9) Spitzer is replacing him as of tonight, and the show is being re-named “Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer” instead of Countdown.  Olbermann won’t have a chance to say goodbye.

I’m guessing there will be a lawsuit.  Current is owned by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt.

Olbermann is notoriously impossible to work with — he gives divas a bad name.

Olbermann v. Gore

So far Olbermann v. Gore seems to be going about as well for Al Gore, founder and president of Current TV, as Bush v. Gore did.

David Carr has an update at the NYT (“Barricaded Inside His Show”) about Keith Olbermann’s refusal to anchor the network’s election night coverage because he doesn’t believe Current is ready to do such coverage, given the technical problems it has been having with his show, Countdown:

“Mr. Olbermann did excellent on-air work for CNN, Fox, ESPN, and MSNBC, but that never stopped him from burning bridges faster than they could be built.

“Current TV executives are going through all kinds of gyrations to patch things together while at the same time expressing surprise that Mr. Olbermann is acting like, well, Mr. Olbermann.

“Mr. Olbermann’s contractual rights at Current TV are significant — he has control over the content of his show and his lawyers have argued that the channel has no right to pre-empt it for special election coverage — and management has very little leverage over him.  So the channel is left to check his Twitter updates for indications of his mood, which is usually not very good.”  Emphasis added.