Santorum Gets the Scary People

You won’t be surprised to learn that Rick Santorum has the support of the very scary, very secretive Council for National Policy (CNP).  If you tried to get to the right of these people, you’d fall off the edge.

Ken Vogel has the tale up at Politico, “Secretive group backs Santorum”:

“The Council for National Policy, which was created in 1981 to counter what conservatives perceived as a liberal slant at the Council on Foreign Relations, brings together some of the right’s biggest donors…with leaders of influential conservative groups focusing primarily on social issues and foreign policy.

“The council meets in secret three times a year under tight security.

“The group’s rules forbid members from discussing it, and the media is barred from covering its meetings.”

One of their meetings was last weekend in Houston and they pledged almost $2 million to Santorum, who addressed them on Saturday.

Foster Freiss, the “aspirin between your knees” guy who has been Santorum’s biggest benefactor, is a past president of CNP.

Richard Viguerie was one of CNP’s founders.  If you follow conservative politics, you’ll remember him as the father of direct mail.  Now he’s helping Santorum “on a pro-bono basis on direct mail, the Internet, telemarketing….”

CNP worked against those liberals Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani in 2008.  But Ayatollah Rick is all right.