GOP Offers Expensive, But Empty, Suit

Having had time to think about the Obama Administration’s new DHS directive on immigration, Mitt still didn’t have a position for the Sunday talk shows.  He said we need a “long-term solution” for those who came here illegally as children, while being extremely careful not to indicate what that solution should be.

Democrat or Republican aside, just looking at him as a prospective president, he’s an empty suit.  A leader thinks long and hard about the issues and takes positions based on his core convictions and his vision for the country.  He then uses his leadership skills to convince those he leads or seeks to lead why he is right.

Mitt has no core convictions and no vision for the country.  All he thinks or cares about is what positions will help him win.  When he contemplates what’s “right,” it’s not right as opposed to wrong, it’s right as opposed to left — what exact spot on that spectrum will get him 270 electoral votes.