Hobby Lobby Invests in Abortion Drugs!

Hobby Lobby may not want its employees to get contraceptives (like Plan B and IUDs) that the company claims cause abortions (even although they don’t), but they have no qualms about having more than $73 million of their 401K invested in companies that make Plan B, IUDs, and drugs that actually are used in abortions.  They’re very happy to profit from these companies at the same time they’ve told the Supreme Court it violates their religious beliefs to provide certain contraceptives to their workers.

Perhaps Hobby Lobby should be found guilty of perjury.

Why Are We Going Backwards?

Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, but IUDs have been widely used in this country for contraception since the late 1950’s.  If IUDs cause abortions, they would have been illegal prior to Roe.

Why is Hobby Lobby even allowed to argue in court that IUDs cause abortions?  Why are we going backwards?

Wish of the Day

I wish I could take the people who killed Marius the giraffe in Denmark and feed them to the lions.

UPDATE — There is birth control for giraffes that allows them to be injected from a distance (so you don’t have to anesthetize them and risk a fall).  If they didn’t want Marius, they shouldn’t have allowed him to be born.  But baby giraffes as so cute, and bring in the visitors and the $…

Just Sign the Stupid Form

I agree that the Little Sisters of the Poor should get a religious exemption under Obamacare and not have to provide contraceptive coverage to their employees.

Where they lose me is with their refusal to sign the form claiming that exemption.  This is where the Catholic Church stretches its constitutional right until it breaks.  By being unreasonable and obnoxious in their demands, they lose any sympathy they might have had about the issue.

This phony fight is an insult to the Catholics who really are being oppressed — to the point of death — in other parts of the world today.