Yet Mitt Still Lost Ohio…

We all know Mittens lost Ohio.  But you can’t say GOP Secretary of State John Husted didn’t try.

Having failed to get Voter ID and to limit early voting in Dem areas, he tried to keep provisional ballots from being counted unless the voter indicated what type of ID he or she was using.

A federal judge found that Husted violated both the Constitution and Ohio election law.

What a sleaze this guy is.  I’m sure he was expecting a job in the Romney Administration.  He certainly would have deserved one — he was willing to do pretty much anything to get Mitt elected.

Palin Still Doesn’t Know Anything

For someone who pushes the need for “Constitutional Conservatives” in our government, Sarah Palin herself seems ignorant of what the Constitution actually provides.

Palin says that Condi Rice would be fine for Mitt’s veep, despite being pro-choice, because “We need to remember, though, that it’s not the vice president that would legislate abortion, and that would be Congress’s role.”

Except, of course, that the vice president is president of the Senate and casts a vote in case of a tie.

Palin’s position is not what we’re hearing from pro-life groups, who have been going nuts about the Rice possibility, which isn’t going to happen.

John Roberts, Profile in Courage

However you feel about Obamacare, today was an excellent day for our system of government.

John Roberts did his job.  The question before him was not whether or not he liked Obamacare, whether this was the law he would have written, but whether this law that Congress passed and the President signed is constitutional.

He found that it is, under Congress’ power to tax.

Back on March 26, I wrote that this might be the outcome, based on Roberts’ stance during oral arguments.  Opponents of  the individual mandate had sought to distinguish the mandate itself from the fine (or tax) that would be assessed, and Roberts rejected that distinction as ridiculous.

Roberts is getting a ton of grief from his fellow conservatives, but our Founding Fathers would be proud.  He did the right thing for the Court and the country.  I’ll be mad at him again, I’m sure, but today he has my respect and admiration.

Those of you who read my pieces know that I would have taken a different approach to health care reform from Obamacare, but I have never doubted that it is constitutional.  So I celebrate this result.

Santorum Makes Me Want to Throw Up

Rick Savonarola Santorum just keeps digging.  Today he said that President Kennedy’s speech assuring the country that he wouldn’t take orders from the Vatican made him “want to throw up.”

Santorum said:  “I don’t believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute.”

I don’t believe in an America where the Pope tells our president what to do, and the president tells us what to do based on his religion.

There are lots of things in the Constitution you can argue about, but whether or not this country was intended to be a theocracy is not one of them.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Can Now Insert Things in Your Lady Parts

If you want to exercise your constitutional right to an abortion in Virginia, the Commonwealth will force you to undergo an invasive, medically unnecessary trans-vaginal ultrasound.  If you refuse to have a probe inserted in your vagina because some crazy people have taken over your legislature, you will not be able to have an abortion.

This is glaringly unconstitutional, but until the law is struck down, women will be forced to endure the outrage and expense of this procedure, which also carries a risk of infection.

The government needs a warrant to enter your home, but your vagina?  Not so much.