Et Tu, Colin?

This really is the Summer of Love (or at least Lust), people.

As we wait to find out who Eliot Spitzer is shtupping (or we can do this ourselves by process of elimination — I think we can rule out Christine Quinn, Sydney Leathers, Lauren Silverman, Lena Dunham, and Ivanka Trump, for example), former Secretary of State Colin Powell, 76, is denying that he ever had an affair with Romanian diploma Corina Cretu, 47, whom he met about 10 years ago.

Powell’s email got hacked, and there are some extremely personal and friendly exchanges between the two.

Powell Praises Hagel

Colin Powell is just such a class act and straight shooter.  Today on Meet the Press, he both rightly praised Chuck Hagel for DoD and criticized the Obama Administration’s poor handling of its choices so that they twist in the wind.

On the process:

“I think it was not handled well.  One of the problems, both with Ambassador [Susan] Rice and with Chuck Hagel, these sort of signals come out that, ‘This is who we are thinking about.’ And you’re left out there to dangle for weeks.  Well, if this is who you’re going to nominate, nominate them, and let’s get on with the process.”

On Hagel:

“I’m very supportive of the state of Israel.  So is Senator Hagel, and you’ll see that in the confirmation hearings, but it doesn’t mean you have to agree with every single position that the Israeli government takes.”

Irony of the Day

Colin Powell endorsed President Obama again today, as he did in 2008.  He called Mitt’s foreign policy a “moving target.”

In response, John McCain said on Fox News (where else?), “Gen. Powell, you disappoint us.  And you have harmed your legacy even further by defending what has clearly been the most feckless foreign policy in my lifetime.

John McCain didn’t make the most feckless choice of vice president in my lifetime.  He made the most feckless choice of vice president in the history of the country when he chose the Mooseburger Moron.

Johnny Mac, you didn’t harm your legacy with Palin, you shredded it.

This President Doesn’t “Apologize” for America

Mitt and the GOP falsely accuse President Obama of “apologizing” for America.  I was pleased to see Colin Powell slam Sean Hannity on this phony talking point last week.

Our relations with Pakistan are at an impasse precisely because the President has refused to apologize for last November’s NATO strike that accidentally killed 24 Pakistani soldiers on the border with Afghanistan.  There was plenty of blame to go around in that attack, especially since Pakistan didn’t inform us where their troops were.

The President also declined to meet with Pakistani President Zardari at the NATO summit in Chicago.  Zardari was invited because it looked as if the dispute over NATO’s using their roads to move supplies to Afghanistan was getting resolved.  But when the talks broke down, Obama snubbed Zardari, including leaving Pakistan out of the countries Obama publicly thanked for their help with Afghanistan.

The President also has refused to ease up on drone strikes against militants in Pakistan, despite Pakistani demands that we end those strikes.

The President is playing hard ball with Pakistan, as he should, but not getting any credit from the GOP.  They owe him an apology.