Well, This Certainly Complicates Things

U. N. human rights investigators say they have evidence that sarin gas was used in Syria — but by the rebels, not the Assad government.

That seems like a very dumb thing for the rebels to do if they’re trying to get additional money, weapons, supplies, tactical support, etc. from the West.

Sarah Palin Leaves Me Speechless

But fortunately I can still type…

Tonight Sarah Palin said on Sean Hannity that President Obama wants to take this country back to the days before the Civil War.

Yes, really, I re-wound and everything, and I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs.  She’s complaining about Game Change, and yet she’s saying even dumber stuff than anything in that book or movie.

She’s claiming that rather than live in the White House and be the most powerful person in the world, President Obama would prefer that he and Michelle and Sasha and Malia pick cotton.