A Sense of Entitlement

I’ve been struck by Liz Cheney’s sense of entitlement to start her political career by running for the Senate without getting elected to any lower office first.

By contrast, Mike Enzi, the incumbent senator she is trying to oust, was a Wyoming mayor and a member of both the Wyoming House and the Wyoming Senate before moving up to the U. S. Senate.

Wyoming’s other senator, John Barrasso, was appointed to the Senate when Senator Craig Thomas died in 2007.  He then won a special election in 2008 and a full term in 2012.  But before his appointment to the U. S. Senate, he had served in the Wyoming Senate.

Her unwillingness to serve even briefly at the state level seems awfully presumptuous to me.

Cheney Run Based on Ageism

Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney, 46, called her primary opponent, incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi, 69, “confused” twice in response to a question about his claim that she told him she wouldn’t challenge him if he ran for re-election.

She really can’t claim Enzi isn’t conservative, so she has to claim he’s too old.

I’m not sure this is a great strategy in a place like Wyoming where lots of people in their 70’s and 80’s still work hard every day on their farms and ranches.  And she comes across as unlikable to begin with…

Is Cheney Afraid of Palin?

On Sean Hannity tonight, Dick Cheney backtracked on his assertion that John McCain’s choosing Sarah Palin for veep was a mistake, and tried to say that the “process” McCain used was a mistake, not Palin herself.

It didn’t make much sense, and his earlier quote clearly was about Palin herself being a mistake.  But if the “process” had produced a wise, qualified veep pick, why would he criticize that process four years later?  Obviously, both the process and the result were terrible.

Why would Cheney try to disavow what is an obvious truth, one of the few the man has ever uttered?  Why is he afraid of her?