Girardi, Like Obama, Looks for Game Changer

Wow!  Girardi has both A-Rod and Swisher out of the line-up tonight.

Gardner is batting leadoff and playing left, with Ichiro moving to right.  Chavez is at third.

I hope both the Yankees and Obama do what they have to do tonight.

I’m not sure if I’m more worried about Verlander or Mitt.

I am kind of bouncing off the walls, “going mental” like the Ed Grimley character (Martin Short) on SNL.

Fading Pinstripes

As the Yankees head to below .500 territory, I feel much more hopeful each time Raul Ibanez or Eric Chavez comes to bat than when A-Rod does.  I feel as if something other than hitting into a double play might happen.

Raul Ibanez is making $1.1 million this year.

Eric Chavez is making $900,000 this year.

A-Rod is making $29 million this year.

What’s wrong with this picture?