Mitt’s Software Is Malfunctioning Badly

Bret Baier of Fox News kindly tried to give Mitt a chance to express regret about his failure to mention our troops in his convention speech.

Mitt used the opportunity to insert his other foot  into his mouth by saying that when you give a speech, “you talk about the things that you think are important.”  You know, stuff like more tax cuts for the rich.

So Mitt doesn’t think our troops are important.  He never served and neither did any of his five strapping sons.  Can’t you just picture him as Commander in Chief?  Me either.


Try This at Home

Go to Google and print out a picture of Mitt from any of the GOP debates or from a national TV interview, like with Chris Wallace or Bret Baier.

Now print out a picture of Vladimir Putin.

Put them side by side.  I know, Mitt’s hair is better.

But look into their eyes.

Who would eat whom for breakfast?

The GOP Now Running Stalinist Show Trials

Tonight’s South Carolina GOP debate on Fox News opened with Bret Baier calling on Newtie and Perry for some “criticism and self-criticism” of their attacks on Mitt about Bain Capital.  It was just like Stalin’s “show trials” of his opponents in the 1930’s.

It was sad to see Newtie and Perry back off when they’re actually being honest about something.  But this is what happens when you stray from the party line.  At least they won’t get shot or sent to Siberia.

The Pressure’s on Mitt

Mitt Romney is finally going on a Sunday talk show for the first time this election cycle.  He’ll do Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday on December 18.  You’d expect that to be the friendliest of the shows, but Joe Scarborough claims that Wallace can’t stand Mitt, and Fox in general seems to be leaning towards Newtie.

If true, it’s interesting about Wallace, given that he and Mitt are both where they are today because of their fathers.  You’d think there would be sympathy among those who share the bond of nepotism.

Mitt put this pressure on himself.  If he’d been doing these shows all along, like John McCain, this appearance wouldn’t have so much riding on it.  It probably wouldn’t attract as big an audience.  But having shied away from the spotlight for so long, Mitt now finds himself under a much bigger one.  He’d better be more chipper and gracious with Wallace than he was with Bret Baier.

You Can’t Outrun the Bear If You Can’t Outrun the Baier

President Obama’s re-election chances are being judged by his low approval ratings.  In the old joke, Bob and Jim are hiking, when a bear begins chasing them.  Bob tells Jim that they can’t outrun the bear.  Jim tells Bob that he doesn’t have to outrun the bear, he just has to outrun Bob.

Right now, Obama’s approval ratings are the bear, and it’s chasing only him.

But once the Republicans have a nominee, Obama doesn’t have to outrun the bear, he just has to outrun his opponent.

Based on Mitt Romney’s performance on the stump so far, I don’t think Obama will have a hard time outrunning him.

Mitt had a terrible interview with Bret Baier of Fox News yesterday.  Mitt was testy and combative, impatient and nasty, with the mild-mannered Baier, who offered him a chance to explain his flip-flops without embarrassing Mitt by playing any of the offending sound bites.  Mitt chewed his head off and, rather than use the friendly forum to explain how and why his views had changed, he flat out denied that he had changed policy except for abortion.

Maybe Baier didn’t play the relevant clips, but they exist, and they will be played over and over again.  President Obama has had more successful interviews with Fox.

The interview was bizarre.  They were sitting in a warehouse surrounded by flats of juice.  It was as if they were kidnap victims waiting for their ransom to be paid.  It was like a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie.

If Mitt can’t handle Fox, how is he going to do on networks that aren’t the propaganda arm of the GOP?  He can’t refuse to do interviews and avoid the Sunday talk shows in the general.  The Rose Garden strategy only works if you happen to live in the White House.

Mitt, if you can’t handle the Baier, the bear will eat you alive.