Murkowski Gets It, But Too Late

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Republican from Alaska, now says she is sorry that she voted for the Blunt-Rubio Amendment, which would have allowed an employer to deny health insurance coverage, such as for contraception, for any religious or moral reason.

The only Republican to vote against the amendment was Sen. Olympia Snowe, who is retiring.

I had hoped to see Murkowski and Susan Collins of Maine join Snowe.

Blunt Amendment Defeated

The Blunt Amendment, which would allow an employer to deny health coverage for anything based on religious or moral objections, was defeated in the Senate, 51 to 48.

Thank you to Republican Olympia Snowe of Maine for voting against it.

Thumbs down to Republicans Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska for voting for it, as did Democrats Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania.

You’re going to be sorry, Scott Brown.

President Obama’s compromise on contraception took care of the Catholic Church’s objections.  It actually made things much easier for the Church than existing law in many states, which the Church lives with.

This issue now has nothing to do with freedom of religion and everything to do with politics.  Knock yourself out, GOP, it’s ultimately a loser for you.

Mitt’s Latest Flip Flop Sets Record

Mitt Romney may enjoy firing people, but he doesn’t seem to be doing enough of it.  His campaign staff keeps letting him down badly, as we saw when they had him address about 1,200 people in a 65,000 seat stadium.  Campaign events are supposed to be standing room only, you get a smaller venue than what you really need.

With the Blunt Amendment coming up for a vote in the Senate on Thursday, they should have known he would be asked about it and provided him with a response.  He was totally unprepared, first saying that he opposed it, and then reversing his position in less than an hour.

This amendment, which will lose, goes beyond letting an employer like the Catholic Church refuse to provide contraceptive coverage.  It says an employer can refuse to provide coverage for any medical service if the employer has a religious or moral objection to it.  So at the whim of your employer, your children might not be able to get their vaccinations, or you might not be able to get a blood transfusion.

It’s fitting that the GOP has attached this amendment to the highway bill, because it’s an exception you can drive a truck through.