Aggressively Hip

Bill Keller, who gave up his job as executive editor of the NYT to spend more time with his family writing, has a column today* where he calls the HBO show Girls “aggressively hip.”  Keller is older than I am, and I know that I am too old to recognize “aggressively hip” if it comes up and bites me on the tush.  If something strikes me as “aggressively hip,” I know by definition it cannot be.

I just thought Girls was about a group of young people living in Hell, with Hell this time set in Brooklyn.  Maybe that’s redundant.

* “Wising Up to Facebook”


The Truth in Two Sentences

From Bill Keller in today’s NYT:  “Yes, Obama could do better.  But we could do a lot worse.”

We are reminded of this truth every time the Republican presidential candidates have a debate and scramble to out-do each other saying incredibly dumb things.